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Exhaust emission test

MID approved comform to the last specifications.
OEM production possible.

Tachograf and taximeter

Tachograf and taximeter certification , training .
Rolltest and other equipments.

LPG / CNG service equipments

LPG injector tester, enjektör , LPG injector cleaner, Road simulator, LPG consumptmeter ve LPG/CNG leak tester

Tracking solutions

Tracking and fleet management, measuring consumption, integrated navigation system and car specific solutions.

OBD solutions

OBD scanner,
OBD protocol simulators,
Hanatech scanner,
OBD network chips and OEM solutions.

Service equipments

A/C recharger, Brake tester, Headlamp alligner, radiator cleaner, DPF cleaner, Brake disk lathe machines, Brake hydraulic changer, Lift, Dynometer.

Populer Products

4 gas analyser and smokemeter
4 gas analyser and smokemeter

This device is provided for official exhaust emission testing. a PC based software allows to implement country specific...

mOByDic 5230 Automatic A/C recharger
mOByDic 5230 Automatic A/C recharger

Microprocessor controlled, menu driven software , electronic scale , process visualisation on LCD display , optimal gas...

LPG consumption meter
LPG consumption meter

measuring of LPG consumption is now very easy at the gas side . It is possible to connect this device to our road simulator....

mOByDic 5410 Headlamp alligner
mOByDic 5410 Headlamp alligner

This device is able to work offline using a scene or to work online with integrated CCD camera . Dual Laser beam allow a...

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mOByDic 2014 software is updated.

You can download the our latest mOByDic 2014 software from here.


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